Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Don’t Lose Your New Job

Impress the bossPrior to the 1990’s a person starting a new job began working toward a promotion. That all changed in the 90’s. Today, a wise person starting a new job focuses on one goal—don’t lose the job. I discussed this concept in a series of blogs in July. I won’t go into as much detail this time, but will overview the concepts with links to the original series.

You worked very hard to land this job. You proved three things to the decision maker—or they wouldn’t have offered you the job. You proved that you can (1) do the job they want done, (2) fit into their organization, and (3) give a good return on investment.

Now, you need to follow through on the promise. The following steps give a very brief summary:

1. Do the Job They Want Done—and Then Some

2. Fit Into Their Organization

3. Give a Good Return on Investment

  • Identify how you can improve your performance. Discuss them with your supervisor
  • Use home run statements to communicate the improvements, earnings, or savings
  • Share at least one home run statement with your supervisor each month
  • Include home run statements in your annual performance appraisals
  • Verify that your results satisfy and impress your supervisor and management

Ensure that you deliver on the promises you implied during the job search. Your most important goal on starting a new job—don’t lose your new job..

Next Friday we will begin a series discussing leadership traits for career development

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