Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Land the Job You Love: Types of Phone Calls to Make

Business Phone callThis continues our series describing what you can do to get great jobs and salaries

Ryan had been looking for a job for more than 18 months. He focused on sending resumes by email and completing online applications. We helped him implement our 10 calls a day and 10 meetings a week approach. The number of solid job interviews increased from 1-2 a month to 4-6 a week within four weeks. He felt good about his interviews but always came in 2nd or 3rd. We worked on reconnecting more effectively after interviews. He had a great job paying 6 figures within 3 weeks.

Four Kinds of Phone Calls

You may think that you only make phone calls to set appointments to interview for advertised job openings. However, several reasons exist and define different types of phone calls. This list includes just a few:

  • Information phone calls to determine goals, trends, projects, work environment, etc.
  • Word of mouth phone calls to test the pulse of what is happening and discover opportunities
  • Referral phone calls to obtain the names of other people you can talk to (although you should include the question “Who else would you recommend I talk to?” in every phone call)
  • Direct phone calls to “cold call” companies that you cannot find networks or friends
  • Appointment phone calls to schedule information meetings with sources of information or to schedule interviews to impress hiring authorities
  • Thank you phone calls to express appreciation to someone who gave you information, referrals, or who met with you the week(s) before
  • Reconnecting phone calls to give hiring authorities another reason to hire you

How Many of Each Per Week

You should call 10 people a day. The exact number of each type of phone call will change depending on the results of the previous week’s activities. We offer the following list for your consideration:

  • 10+ thank you and reconnecting phone calls based on your meetings
  • 20 information and word of mouth phone calls
  • 10 referral phone calls
  • 10 appointment phone calls

Friday we explore the different reasons to schedule 10 meetings a week

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