Friday, June 7, 2013

10X2=Promoted! How to Share Your Value Statements

Report upward growthThis continues our series outlining how the 10X2 philosophy helps you get better assignments

Warren transferred from one division to another within a global headquarters unit. The transfer also provided a promotion with raise in grade and pay. He enjoyed working for the old division, but recognized they failed to value what he did when the passed him over for promotion four times in two years. He practiced the 10X2 philosophy by connecting with 10 people or more a month from different divisions. His connections included his counterparts in the other divisions. He also shared 10 value statements with management each year. The other division rewarded his efforts with the transfer and promotion.

Include Value Statements in Performance Appraisals

You also include your value statements in annual performance appraisal documents or online forms. Most performance appraisals request two pieces of information

  • Goals you hope to achieve during the year
  • Performance to your goals

Most report performance in vague generalities or nonspecific empty terms. You report the facts of what you did with value statements.

Focus Attention on the Good of the Team

Last post, we shared several methods for communicating your 10 value statements to your supervisor and management: verbally, emails, reports, and performance appraisal documents. Sharing them will only accomplish so much. You also need to put your value statements in context.

You must resist bragging as you share your value statements. Your value statements share facts about improvements you made for the good of the company or organization. They share how you did what your boss wanted you to do.

You sincerely focus your attention on helping the company or organization

  • Achieve its purpose, objectives, and goals
  • Solve problems that hinder or prevent success
  • Contribute to the good of the team
  • Increase revenues or profits
  • Decrease overhead or costs

One of my greatest mentors taught me very early in my career this valuable advice
“There is no end to the amount of good you can accomplish, if you don’t care who gets the credit”

Monday we outline how to focus your 10X2 efforts towards the assignments you want

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