Saturday, October 29, 2011

Master Application Benefits

Online ApplicationI hope you enjoy this 3rd part of my series on job search written materials

An increasing number of companies require anyone they hire below VP or  C-level to complete an online application. Even when the hiring authority already knows who they want to hire, they require that person to complete the online application. The applications tend to be complicated and consist of several pages.

Create a Master Application

I suggest you create a master application that contains all the information requested on employment applications. Your master application will reduce the time you need to complete online applications, improve the quality of your applications, and provide complete customization of applications.

Follow these simple steps to create and maintain your master application:

  1. Create your master application in, Microsoft Live, or other format that gives you access anywhere.
  2. Write the answers to all questions from multiple applications in your master application.
    1. Use home run statements to describe your duties and responsibilities on jobs
    1. Include salaries and reasons for leaving for each employment position
  3. Include other home run statements, especially 3rd base portions, in your master.
  4. Add answers to your master application as you encounter additional questions.
  5. Copy answers from your master application into the online applications.

Add Information as Your Career Advances

  • Add the name, address, phone numbers, web sites, and other information of companies as you go to work for new companies.
  • Add the name, phone number, and email of supervisors as they are assigned to you.
  • Add a new power statement each month from your job for use on performance appraisals and future applications.

Master applications allow you to prepare the perfect answers to questions, reuse those answers for multiple applications, and complete lengthy applications quickly and accurately. Start one now and add to it as you use it.

Next Wednesday we will explore how create a quick template for cover letters and emails

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