Monday, June 11, 2012

Get a Promotion 10: Fit In By Knowing Policy & Procedure

Bewerbungsbilder, bewerber, arbeiter, mitarbeiter,This continues our series on actions that will help you get a promotion in your current job

Understanding the written and unwritten rules help you fit into the organization . Your mentor and network can help you comprehend the unwritten rules. Large organizations write their rules in policy and procedure. You study and follow policies and procedures of the organization to fit in.

Purpose of Policy and Procedure

Merriam-Webster defines policy as:

  • “Prudence or wisdom in the management of affaires”
  • “Management or procedure based primarily on material interest”
  • “A definite course or method of action selected from among alternatives and in light of given conditions to guide and determine present and future decision”
  • “A high-level overall plan embracing the general goals and acceptable procedures especially of a government body”

Small organizations seldom write policies or procedures. They rely on unwritten guidelines.

Larger organizations require them to help lots of employees behave in similar or branded patterns. Policies also help organizations abide by legal rulings and regulations.

You can usually obtain policies and procedure from the human resource and legal divisions of large companies.

Consequences of Not Fitting into Policy or Procedure

Policy allows organizations 10 or 5,000 to act, as one, toward the same goal and in the same manner. Persistently not understanding or complying with policy sends certain messages to the organization. 

  • Executives seldom share the “high-level plan” with underlings. They write procedures for you to do your small piece of the plan
  • Not performing as expected can affects others work and cause delays or flaws
  • Not following policy indicates a lack of respect for the “prudence or wisdom” of management and the “material interest” of the organization
  • Rejecting the “material interest” of the organization puts you out-of-step
  • Noncompliance indicate you know better than them
  • Continued violation indicates non-conformity—you do not want to fit in
  • Management usually ends the employment relationship if you consistently violate policy or procedure.

Get promoted by showing respect for management. Study and comply with policy and procedure.

Wednesday we will review the importance of fitting in with attendance, dress, and behavior

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