Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Get a Promotion 11: Dress, Attend, & Behave to Fit In

Inappropriate commentsThis continues our series on how to get a promotion

Dress, attendance, and behavior can impress management that you fit into the organization or prove to management that you do not fit into the organization and need to go. Even companies known for creative innovations do not tolerate those who do not fit in.

Dress for Success Still Applies

While some companies use official uniforms (fast food, retail, football, HVAC). Others use informal uniforms (law, accounting, medical). Official or unofficial dress codes allow companies to establish a look. Not following the dress code makes you stand out—it shows you don’t fit in.

Sometimes the written guidelines may conflict with the unwritten rules. I once worked at the headquarters of a global organization. The dress code allowed men to wear “white or lite colored dress shirts”. One day I wore a conservative burgundy and white striped, oxford, button-downed shirt, a classic conservative men’s dress shirt.

An executive told that while the policy allowed light colored shirts, white shirts were expected. I noticed, thereafter, that all of the respected, upwardly bound employees wore white shirts. His mentoring me on something as simple as the color of shirt (plus my performance) allowed me to get two promotions.

Attendance Standards May be Written or Unwritten

Most companies list written policies on attendance. Usually, however, unwritten rules govern attendance for promotions.

  • They outline hours of operation, sick days, annual leave, and punctuality, but expect you to use:
    • Less than 6 days sick leave a year.
    • Less than half your vacation leave.
    • At least half of vacation leave a year
    • At least a one week vacation a year (Improves employee performance)

Violate Expected Behavior Standards at Your Own Risk

Law suits and resulting regulations govern organizational behavior more than ever:

  • Lewd jokes or comments, not only offend, but can negate promotions
  • Zero tolerance on anger, violence, sexual harassment, discriminatory, or any malicious behavior
  • Drinking.or drugs in the workplace
  • Violation may result in immediate termination and definitely stall promotions

Friday we will begin our study of how establishing your return on investment get promotions

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