Monday, August 27, 2012

Find Funding for College 10: Work & Reimburse Education

Educational ReimbursementThis continues our series on getting someone else to pay for college

I frequently speak to college groups. A majority of the students complain that employers require 1-2 years experience. They do not know how to qualify because they have not worked. Too many college students do not work. Work not only helps pay for college, but prepares you for better jobs after you graduate.

Work Your Way through School

I suggest you work in the industry you wish to pursue after graduation. Start in a preliminary job. For example, potential

  • Architects or engineers may work in drafting
  • Accountants may work as an accounting clerk
  • Graphic designers may work at copy centers or ad agencies

Gaining experience in your future industry helps you:

  • Verify you will enjoy the occupation
  • Gain experience in the field
  • Surround yourself with experts who can help you with your studies
  • Pay for school
  • Provide good experience for your resume

Educational Reimbursement

Many employers will pay you to go to school. Usually, you pay the tuition first. Then, your employer reimburses you after you complete the course. Typically, the company pays a percentage of the tuition depending on your grades. Higher grades receive higher percentage reimbursement.

The following tips will improve your chances of getting an educational reimbursement:

  • Discover the deadlines for  your company and apply early
  • Describe 2-4 benefits the company will receive if you attend the courses
    • Better productivity or efficiency
    • Quicker and more accurate results
    • New capabilities in areas of interest to the company
  • Ensure that your supervisor and human resource representative will and can defend the request
  • Work hard on the classes and homework to get the best possible grades
  • Communicate the improvements you are making as you take the course
  • Submit paperwork immediately after finishing the course and express appreciation
  • Submit evidence to management of the improvement in your work from the course

Educational reimbursements provide the majority of money going to graduate students. Many companies that used to provide educational reimbursement stopped doing so. You won’t get money unless you ask.

Wednesday we will study the federal work-study program

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