Monday, December 17, 2012

Land the Job You Love 1: Stop Saying Stupid Stuff

Saying Stupid StuffI hope this helps you if you are looking for a job, and by the way Merry Christmas

I help thousands of people a year find jobs. Many of them land jobs they love. Over the years, we proved that three actions can accelerate your job search: 1) Call 10 people a day, 2) Schedule 10 meetings/interviews a week, and 3) Say what will make them want to hire you. You have to get the third one right for the first two to work effectively..

“I’m looking for a job” Will Not Get You in Their Office

This story represents multiple similar situations. One of my staff worked with Paul (not his real name) for several months. Paul wants a job in retail management. He contacted 10 companies a day for 9 weeks. Not one person interviewed him. Finally, my staff asked me to meet with Paul.

I asked Paul to tell me what he said to potential employers when he met with them. His entire conversation boiled down to '”I’m looking for a job. I saw that you have a “help wanted” sign out front. May I talk to you?” I asked him “What did you tell me that would make me want to let you into my office?” He said, “I’m looking for a job and you have a help wanted sign.”

Give Them Proof of What You Did

After 8 minutes of saying “That won’t make them want to let them into their office. Try again”; he told me “As a store manager, I achieved my sales goals every month for 2 years and exceeded them by $XX 10 out of 24 months.” Dear reader, would that make you want to learn more about this man?

Business owners and managers want people who can 1) get the job they want done, 2) fit into the organization, and 3) give good return on their investment. Prove you can do that and they will let you in their office, not “I’m looking for a job.”

Wednesday we will examine how many people stopped looking for work without a job

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