Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Let Us Praise the Heroic Teachers in All Our Cities

Newtown TeachersI wanted to applaud public teachers in our country in the aftermath of the tragedy in Newtown

The country responds to innocent lives terminated for unknown reasons by a twenty-year old assassin with no previous concerns or problems. While parents bury children, Congress and politicians debate gun control or freedoms. I would like to focus, instead, on the remarkable and heroic actions of public education teachers.

Teachers Deserve More Respect

Recently, many people have criticized public teachers  and public education. While some teachers may deserve the attacks, most teachers work hard and dedicate their lives to their students, and little pay.

Teachers in Newtown proved heroism when they barricaded doors  to delay the shooter so students could escape, or the principal and another teacher who died lunging to stop him.

One Teacher’s Opinion

My daughter posted the following on Facebook the day after the shooting in Newtown:

"My thoughts, like many others yesterday, were thoughts of sadness. I've been feeling lots of things through this, having lived around that area and knowing loved ones close to where this happened. But as I saw this story, one thought came to mind.... I am grateful to be a public education teacher. To be ranked with so many others, who on a daily basis, put others needs far above their own.

I work with and know many teachers, and know that many of their first thoughts, like mine were...."How would I keep my students safe if this happened?" I am grateful that I can be in a job where you do love those children you teach, and would do anything for them. I know some people would say that not having them in public schools would be the best.

I know that horrible things happen. I can say this for most teachers, our number one priority is ALWAYS our students!! I am grateful for 24 parents, that entrust their children to me everyday. I am grateful for those 24 students in my life. I am grateful to be a public education teacher!!!!!"

Friday we will discuss setting goals—and keeping them—in the new year

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