Wednesday, February 20, 2013

10X2=Hired! Schedule 10 Meetings a Week

Lunch interviewThis continues our series introducing how 10X2=Hired! helps you find a good job faster
Dianne prepared her answers to interview questions. She practiced them until she could give them naturally without sounding memorized. She answered questions very well. However, she tended to walk into interviews unprepared. She failed to learn what the real job was they wanted done. Instead, she relied on advertised job descriptions to accurately describe the expectations. As good as her answers were, she didn’t give them exactly the answers they wanted. We taught her 10X2=Hired!. She started meeting with 10 people a week. Her due diligence clued her into what companies wanted. She adjusted her answers appropriately and received a job offer in 4 weeks.
Schedule Appointments with a Variety of People
You schedule meetings with various types of people who can:
  • Provide information about the trends, cultures, & projects in companies
  • Refer you to other people who work in companies that could hire you
  • Decision makers, managers, or owners with the authority to hire you
People who fall into these categories may be
  • Family
  • Friends (in your address book, on Facebook, or LinkedIn)
  • Friends of friends
  • Acquaintances who do the job you want to do
  • People who work on teams that you would like to work on
  • Referrals from any of the above
Purposes of the 10 Meetings
You schedule meetings to fulfill several purposes:
  • Learn about the company’s goals, projects, challenges, and needs
  • Discover ways to serve them so they achieve their goals or resolve their challenges
  • Grow relationships with people
  • See the company’s dress codes, environment, culture, and layout
  • Reconnect with people to strengthen the relationship, report on what happened with their information or referrals, and express gratitude for their help
Follow these simple tips:
  • Prepare your questions and answers to their questions before the meeting
  • Respect their time: meet 20-30 minutes in their office, or 45-90 minutes tops over a meal
  • Keep it conversational as though you are two professionals talking shop
  • Listen to them
Friday we will outline how to say the things that will make them want to hire you

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