Monday, July 1, 2013

Fit Into the Organization 4: Fit in Conversationally

Fit In ConversationallyThis continues our series on how fitting in helps you get the biggest raises and better jobs

Becky received a promotion when the manager of her branch retired. She had earned the promotion through her competence and results. She also fit into the global organization very well. She listened to others and implemented their ideas exceptionally well. In addition, people basked in her insightful, yet uplifting, conversations. She could face the brutal facts of flaws in her operation equitably and make improvements immediately. Yet, she never sounded critical or negative. Becky’s positive, uplifting conversations enhanced her reputation for fitting into the organization.

Lift and Motivate with Informal Conversations

Listen to your informal conversations at work. Do you lift and motivate your co-workers to enjoy their jobs and appreciate what management does, or do you criticize and find fault with people? Start looking for positive things that you can sincerely say. Begin to highlight the good things about work. Show appreciation to others for what they do. Be sincere. Do not flatter falsely.

Frequently, we tend to judge, condemn, or criticize directions that come from above us. Sometimes we do not trust them or understand their vision. As a result, our conversations become negative. We murmur. Resist that urge. Do not criticize what you do not understand, and never murmur. It always hurts you and affects you worse than anyone else.

Express Appreciation to Others

Regularly, express your appreciation to your co-workers and supervisors. Identify something specific that each one did for you during the past year. Occasionally, find a way, either with a card or small gift, to share your gratitude. Then, begin looking for the actions you will thank them for next year.


Receive Feedback Well

Ask your supervisor for suggestions for your improvement. Listen to what they say without commenting or defending your current performance. Repeat back what they said using their own words. Thank them for the suggestion. Focus on improving what they suggested. Report your improvement to them in four weeks with a home run statement.

Wednesday we explore how you can fit in better organizationally

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