Monday, July 8, 2013

Fit Into the Organization 7: Fit in Socially with Work Teams

Lunch group 2This continues our series on how fitting in helps you get the biggest raises and better jobs

Dwayne worked for a major utility company. He started as an engineer with good technical skills. An early mentor loved golfing, so Dwayne learned how to play. They enjoyed golfing together. As his boss received promotions, he kept Dwayne very close by promotions.

Practice Good Business Etiquette

Etiquette or manners allow people to work and get-along together. Making mistakes in business etiquette can prevent promotions, key assignments, and salary increases. . You must learn and practice the etiquette of your company to fit in and be accepted. Ask your mentor and network to teach you.

Occasionally bring some treats to share with your co-workers. Verify you do not violate company policy bringing food to work. Place the treats where everyone can get to them. Be sensitive to any health or personal diet challenges in selecting your treats. Do not use the treats to call attention to yourself.


Socialize with Co-Workers

Many times people at companies socialize after work. Completely ignoring them can distance you from the team. You do not need to attend all of them. Take time to attend some of the social activities. Ensure that you fit into the team by attending social events.

Keith Ferrazzi’s wrote a book titled Never Eat Alone. The concept is take to time eat lunch with your normal group of colleagues and co-workers. It also suggests expanding your circle of friends and invite people you don’t usually eat with to have lunch with you. Try it for two weeks. See how you feel. Check to see if it revitalizes you.


Keep in Contact with Old Friends

My best friend in high school and college had a birthday this week. He calls me on my birthday every year. We stay in touch. Old friends add their competence to yours vicariously. They built different skills, connections, and wisdom. You can tap into theirs and share yours with them if you stay in touch.

Wednesday we emphasize the importance of understanding the written rules to fitting in

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