Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Random Thoughts on Finding a Job: Bugs in HR Databases

Computer bugsThis post, while dealing with a similar topic, stands alone and does not constitute a series

I mentioned that I was hiring someone in my day job. While I had a short list of four people (as mentioned in the last post), the policy-directed posting generated more than 120 applications. The list included 24 people whose application status listed as a draft.  The human resource recruiter told me that a bug in the database created a problem. The application system kicked them out before they finished their application. They could not reenter to finish the application. I could not open the drafts to see the resume, cover letters, or even contact information. In other words, I could not contact them. Those applicants thought they had a chance, when I could not even see their information. Three of the applicants stuck in the draft dilemma contacted me. As a result we found another way for them to apply. The other 21, that did not follow-up, still wait for a contact that will never come.

Electronic Databases May Create Job Search Problems

The world turns on electronic systems, cyberspace, and the Internet. In addition to the bugs, computer systems also create changes in the job search process. Some examples of changes include:

  • Problem: HR systems may consolidate all the formatting effects of your resume into one huge paragraph
    • Solution: Email a PDF of your resume to the hiring authority
  • Problem: HR systems may offer the decision maker limited options when reviewing resumes, like reject or interview but no more
    • Solution: Make sure they see what they want immediately
  • Problem: Screening systems rely on keywords used by the company to select which of the applications meet their requirements
    • Solution: Ensure your resume and application includes the exact words or phrases, you will not appear in the list
  • Problem: Glitch in the computer system prevents them from seeing your application
    • Solution: Use the application tracking system
    • Solution: Follow-up with a phone call or email verifying that your application processed effectively

Friday we discuss some of the horrible experiences in reviewing resumes and applications

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