Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Situations at Work 5: Did a Good Job—The Wrong One

terminated workerThis continues our series presenting difficult situation at work. We change the names to protect identities. Please leave a comment describing what you would do in the situation or one similar to it..

Sandra got hired working for a university fundraising group. She enjoyed the people in the group and the university environment. She worked very hard to increase the visibility of the university through events and activities. She loved planning the events and finding the sponsors. She felt very good about her job, but did not feel that management appreciated what she was doing. Six months into the job, they let her go. Examine the situation to discover why, and what you would do differently..

The Problem

Sandra increased the university’s reputation and presence in the community. She

  • Tripled the number of people who visited their booth at one community’s fair
  • Increased the number of people contributing to a silent auction by $2,300
  • Planned and executed 4 community events involving more than 11,000 attendees
  • Placed 16 press releases in community newspapers, radio and other channels
  • Raised $3,000 in donations to university scholarship funds
  • Developed great professional relations with 5 economic development directors

The problems was that most of these things did not impress her supervisors. They had different objectives they wanted her to achieve. They wanted:

  • Four events in the four major communities to $5,000 each for university scholarships
  • Increased exposure of the university to beckon new donors to fund raising events

What Would You Do?

  • Why do you think Sandra lost her job?
  • What would you do to avoid losing the job?
  • How could Sandra handle the situation differently on her next job?

Please share your answer in the comments section below.

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