Monday, May 20, 2013

10X2=Promoted! Applying the Formula to Get Promotions

Upward PromotionThis begins our series outlining how the 10X2 philosophy helps you get better assignments

Eric understood the need to reach out to co-workers in his department, colleagues in other departments and other companies. He read and practiced the concepts outline in the book Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi. In addition, he ensured that he met the company’s expectations of his work. He even exceeded their expectations.Most importantly, he communicated his return on investment to management. As a result, he received invitations to serve on the most prestigious projects and the best assignments. They promoted him 4 times in 12 years.

3 Keys to Getting the Biggest Raises and Best Promotions

You may feel that we’ve blogged on this topic before. We have. The concepts remain beneficial to people in any occupation. So, we will continue to explore and repeat the advice to help you increase your income, satisfaction, and rewards of your job.

Companies still reward employees who satisfy three concerns. They don’t reward them as well as in the past, but they still do. To get the biggest raises (if they give raises) and the best promotions of work assignments, you must:

  • Meet their expectations—and more
  • Fit into the team and organization
  • Communicate your ROI (Return On Investment) to management

How 10X2=Promoted!

The 10X2 philosophy states that doing 2 activities 10 times in a certain amount of time guarantees success. We can apply the philosophy to getting raises or promotions in the following way:

  • Connect with 10 people a month
  • Communicate 10 value statements to management a year
  • Communicate how you helped them achieve their goals or resolve their challenges

You must perform on the job. The 10 people you connect with each month provide excellent resources for discovering, exploring, and verifying what management expects of you. Other people can also help you perform the job more productively, efficiently and effectively.

Too many employees expect management to notice their good work. Today’s span of control issues and distant teams make that improbable in spite of technology.

Wednesday we highlight the purposes of connecting with 10 people a month

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