Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Stop Saying Stupid Stuff 11: Others Who Serve Your Team

Sales on PhonesThis continues our series to help you stop saying stupid stuff that can stall your career

Margaret worked in the purchasing department of a major corporation. She interacted with vendors from several companies. She tended to say stupid things to the vendors and others. She shared company secrets and gossip. She criticized company policy and management decisions. She did not realize how much she divulged. Her superiors discovered what she had done and dismissed her from their employment.

Stupid Stuff You May Say to Others

Your job may require that you talk to others about the company. Secretaries, receptionists, and other clerical staff frequently represent the company while talking to others. Sales representatives and sales associates also represent the company to others in the community. In addition, warehouse workers deal with shipping agents and manufacturing workers may deal with outside repair and service technicians. 

You may talk to several groups of people considered others. They may include:

  • Vendors and suppliers
  • Customers and clients
  • Competitors
  • Representatives of the press and media
  • Neighboring companies in the building or complex

Expressing any of the following statements to people outside the company can result in discipline and or termination. Stupid stuff would include:

  • Divulging fiduciary or proprietary information about the company
  • Sharing gossip about other co-workers, procedures, or other intrigues
  • Expressing opinions or directions contrary to the company policy
  • Criticizing management, co-workers, and others affiliated with the company

Smart Stuff You May Say Instead

You may say smart stuff instead that will build relationships and enhance the reputation of the company. Smart stuff will not divulge company secrets.

You may discuss the following concepts with others:

  • Positive aspects of working for the company
  • Client testimonials and compliments
  • Information provided in sales materials or press releases
  • Praise for co-workers, colleagues, and others involved with the company

Do not exaggerate the truth or mislead others about the information. Just follow Thumper’s advice to Bambi in the Disney classic “If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say nothing at all.”

Friday we summarize how stupid stuff can stall your career or cost you your job

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