Monday, April 8, 2013

Exit a Dead-End Job 10: Combine Approaches

Combine ApproachesThis continues our series to help all of you who feel trapped in a dead-end job to find an exit

Sharon worked for an organization she loved. She felt it’s purpose made a difference in the world and provided a product that people needed. She relished the environment that outlined a mission and empowered each employee to do their part to fulfill that mission. She worked with some of the finest people she knew. She found great satisfaction on her job and wanted to give it her best. Unfortunately, the organization was fairly flat. Only two people stood between her and the global head of the organization. She worried that after 12 years in the same position and in the same office she was failing to achieve her potential. She did not want to leave, but did not want to stagnate the organization she loved.

Combine Different Options to Stimulate Your Potential

We outlined various options in previous posts. You may choose to follow any one of those options. You may also choose to combine two or three of the options to boost your energy and motivation. For example, you choose to

  • Improve your competence in one of your motivated skills and negotiate a change to trade some tasks with another co-worker
  • Reduce how much you work overtime to spend more time with your family and pursuing hobbies that refresh you
  • Transfer to another position within the company that would eliminate a conflict of interest or intellectual property conflict and begin writing books, podcasts, or a blog about your industry or work expertise
  • Let your current job pay for you to look for a new job in a completely different company
  • Reduce your hours at this company and find a part-time or contract job with a non-competing company that uses a completely different set of skills (make sure the different skills align with your motivated skills)
  • Take courses and read books to find better ways to do the work and negotiate with management to implement them

Wednesday we will explore how developing new skills can make the job more enticing

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