Monday, April 1, 2013

Exit a Dead-End Job 7: Let Your Current Job Pay for Joy

father-son-daughter-laughing-268496-thumbnailThis continues our series to help all of you who feel trapped in a dead-en job to find an exit

Barbara worked in a dead-end job for sixteen years. Her salary bumped up against the maximum in her salary grade. Her tenure qualified her for a benefit-defined pension worth several times more than her annual income. She performed her work excellently and received outstanding performance appraisals. Yet, she recognized that she performed significantly below her potential. Yet, she found joy in the freedom her job allowed. She traveled extensively, attended the symphony and opera, and donated time with a service to help single mothers. Her dead-end job paid to find fulfillment and joy in other pursuits.

Outside Interests that May Provide Fulfillment

You may choose to stay in a dead-end job, perform it very well, and seek fulfillment elsewhere. You may find your motivation and satisfaction in a number of sources:

  • Family provides opportunities for happiness whether your family consists of you, spouse, children, nieces, nephews, grandparents, grandchildren, cousins, and more
  • Hobbies such as woodworking, gardening, painting, reading, traveling, and more also may offer fulfillment and satisfaction
  • Service to the homeless, shut-ins, the elderly, youth at risk, poor, battered and abused women or children brings rewards to the soul
  • Recreation in all forms improves your outlook: walking, rock climbing,  sailing, skiing, running 5Ks, running marathons, surfing, and other sporting endeavors
  • Learning new skills, concepts, and practices can also stimulate the mind and bring you closer to your potential and, therefore, your satisfaction

Augment Your Income if Needed

You may use the income from your dead-end job to pay for these outside activities. However, you may need additional income to pursue more expensive pursuits. You may discover several methods to earn additional  income:

  • Start a home-based business of your own
  • Work at home for another company
  • Work as a mystery shopper in your local community
  • Make and sell the things you create as part of your hobbies
  • Monetize a blog, articles, web site, or other sales

Wednesday we explore surrendering to the monotony and lack of fulfillment on your job

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