Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stop Saying Stupid Stuff 5: Follow-up After Job Interviews

Irritating phone callsThis continues our series to help you stop saying stupid stuff that can stall your career

Frieda interviewed several times a week. She interviewed well and impressed potential employers. She always asked when they would decide, so that she could follow-up. She faithfully called on the day indicated and asked if they had made a decision. If not, she would call them everyday until she found out the decided. They never chose her. She could not understand how the interviews always went well, yet she never got the job. She didn’t realize she was irritating them with her stupid statements.

Stupid Stuff that Irritates Hiring Authorities

Job seekers say stupid stuff when following-up on interviews. They irritate people without realizing it by reminding interviewers of unfinished business:

  • “Have you made a decision yet?”
  • “When will you make a decision?”
  • “Why is it taking so long?”
  • “When should I call again?”
  • “How did I do in my interview?”
  • “Do you have any suggestions for me?”

Reconnect Instead of Follow-Up

I encourage you to reconnect with people who interview you instead of following-up. Reconnecting allows you to give additional reasons to hire you. You reconnect with hiring authorities to continue to provide the proof that you will

  • Do the work they want done
  • Fit into their team or organization
  • Provide a good return-on-investment

You reconnect in the following steps:

  • Deliver a handwritten thank you card—that emphasizes what went well in the interview—the same day to everyone you interviewed
  • Call each person—fixing anything you wish you hadn’t said—3-4 days later
  • Call each person again—giving the great answer that comes to you after the interview—3-4 days after the first call
  • Call each person a third time—to explain what you have done to compensate for any requirements you don’t meet—3-4 days later

End each phone call by saying “Thank you. I really want to work with you. Is now a good time to schedule another interview?” Don’t push for the interview, just ask. Then, let it rest. Don’t irritate them.

Friday we outline how to avoid saying stupid stuff when reporting progress to your boss

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