Friday, April 5, 2013

Exit a Dead-End Job 9: Work with Management for Change

Negotiate with your bossThis continues our series to help all of you who feel trapped in a dead-end job to find an exit

Diana worked as a secretary for a global nonprofit organization. She enjoyed her job for the first seven years, but soon tired of the routine of the job. She continued on the job to provide medical benefits for her young and growing family. Opportunities for advancement and growth eluded her. Then, they merged her division with another division. He work team moved next to the other division. That division had an outstanding secretary who could be negative in her continual comments. After three years, Dianna could not tolerate the negativity with the monotony of her job. She negotiated with management a change in her job duties. As a result, she moved to a location in the same department but far away from the irritating secretary. She found renewed satisfaction, relief, and dedication to her work.

Determine What You Want First

You must determine what you want before you enter any negotiation. Consider if you want to:

  • Perform different tasks than you currently perform
  • Reduce the time spent on tasks you do not enjoy performing
  • Increase the time spent on tasks that you thoroughly enjoy performing
  • Enjoy greater flexibility in your hours to focus on priorities more effectively
  • Accept more responsibility as team members leave
  • Learn additional skills to perform your current job better and more efficiently
  • Represent the organization in charity work, community or civic organizations
  • Obtain permission to publish ideas in blogs, books, podcasts, or other venues
  • Change your work schedule to involve longer, but fewer, days

Negotiate Benefits to the Organization

Once you understand what you want from the negotiation, you determine how what you want benefits the organization. This represents one example of showing benefits:

  • You can increase your productivity and the productivity of another employee by
    • Taking some of the responsibilities that person doesn’t like, but you do
    • Giving them some of the tasks you don’t like, but they do

Monday we review how to combine options to improve your job to make it more fulfillment

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